Making Learnpro work for our medical staff and ensuring cross-board compatibility

Doctors learnPro

All doctors in training and new substantive medical staff starting in South East Scotland will have a virtual induction via Doctors learnPro. From 1st August 2020, all substantive members of staff should transition to Doctors learnPro.


Logging in to Doctors learnPro the first time OR after changing posts:

  1. Access Doctors' learnPro (link below)

  2. Click the link in the green box

  3. Follow the prompts

  4. Click the login button

If you already have a learnPro account, log in with your existing login details.

If you have never used learnpro, create an account. You should have been provided with a learnPro ID.

Already set up a pathway?

  1. Access Doctors' learnPro (link below)

  2. Click on the link in the blue box

  3. Log in with your existing login details

Aim I

Unify medical induction curriculum requirements for all Doctors across SE Scotland

Aim II

Differentiate induction processes to the needs of different specialties


Online resources of educational, team and systems information to maintain organisational knowledge



Introductory documents for the Virtual Induction Passport.
  • Doctors learnPro Pictorial Guide (login)