Delivering consistently high quality training across Scotland

Scotland Deanery

The Scotland Deanery was created in 2014 from the four previous Deaneries in Scotland. The Scotland Deanery is responsible for managing training and training programmes across the four Scottish regions. Staff in the regional teams work closely with the wider NHS through the regional workforce planning groups.


Helpful Links

Some helpful links from the Deanery website for trainees and trainers.



NES is responsible for developing and delivering education and training for the healthcare workforce in Scotland. It has a Scotland-wide role in undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development and maintains a local perspective through centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.



What is SHARE?

SHARE is an NHS Education for Scotland website that provides the opportunity to showcase ideas and examples of good practice in medical teaching and training and to look for ideas that others have found to solve problems.

How does it work?

Developed an idea that others could find useful? A simple proforma enables you to share it. The SHARE team in NHS Education for Scotland will then review the entry ahead of its publication. All published entries are acknowledged and then available for access across Scotland.

Searching for ideas?

The SHARE database allows you to look for entries by specialty and topic to see what has worked elsewhere.