FY Teaching During COVID-19

This page details some of the many teaching initiatives being designed and delivered through NHS Lothian for Foundation Doctors.


The Need for Teaching

In March 2020, reallocation of medical staff occurred throughout the NHS to support the COVID-19 response.

It was recognised before this that any and all "non-critical" teaching would be postponed (including lunchtime FY1, afternoon FY2 and Simulation teaching). While some sites are trying to reintroduce the FY programme, given clinical pressures and requirements for social distancing this has proved challenging.

Guidance from NES and the UKFPO detail expected requirements for FY1 and FY2, including attendance at 30 hours of teaching within the year (of any type).

Any of the following can count as part of this teaching log, either dedicated FY session, wider Lothian Grand Round attendance (self-reported) or even log in to some specialty webinars to get a taste of training in future training posts.

If you are an interim FY1 or coming to the end of your FY1 year, any teaching attended in this period could be accrued and continued into the 2020/21 programme to adjust for potential losses of future teaching.


SJH Teaching Programme

A rolling series of webinars have been arranged by staff at SJH.

These sessions run on the themes / departments outlined in the image above.

You can watch these on your phone, computer, at work or at home.

To view with your colleagues and maintain social distancing, we have some locations at each of the sites available for these sessions:

  • if you are in SJH, you can attend the Paul Taylor Lecture Theatre
  • if you are in WGH, you can attend the MEC
  • if you are in RIE, we are working on this


Daily teaching sessions

1345 - 1445

Join using your NHS Lothian account (what you use to log in to the computers followed by @nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk, with the same password for the network).


NHS Lothian Grand Rounds

These weekly sessions (Wednesday 1230-1330) are a great way to see how NHS Lothian delivers wide-ranging teaching, with a recent focus on COVID-19 developments.

These sessions are also delivered through Microsoft Teams, using their Live Events platform where you can submit questions live in a Q+A textbox.

More details about the Grand Rounds are on the MED site Front Page.


Near Peer Teaching for Interim FY1s

A group of current FY1s (Dr Jack Bayram, Dr Conor McCann and Dr Conor Rankin) have started a teaching programme with tips and tricks to get the most out of FY1, looking at topics and skills which become more important as you progress in your practice.

🧑‍⚕️ FiY1 LECTURE SERIES - “How to be a good FY1” 👨‍⚕️

“How to be a good FY1” is a zoom lecture series starting soon designed to teach you the practical aspects of being an FY1.

These sessions will be concise, to the point, and give you the info we wish we had when we first walked on to the wards.

Topics will include;

💻 Ward rounds

📝 Clerking

😴 Out-of-hours work

💊 Prescribing everything from antibiotics to blood products

🔝 Job prioritisation

🤒 Managing unwell patients

‼️ Emergencies as an FY1

💉 Interpreting basic investigations

🛌 End of life and palliative care

SIGN UPS: To get an idea of your current levels of knowledge on these areas and tailor the teaching to your needs, we have designed a quick survey (<2 mins) which includes a section for topic suggestions if there is anything you want to be taught in particular. After completing the survey we will be in touch by email.

LINK HERE: https://forms.gle/iPGUWLswPA4ntHHv9
(opens Google Forms which is blocked on some NHS browsers)