Welcome to NHS Lothian and South East Scotland

Information for the August 2020 FY1 induction


This is an induction unlike any we have run before, as you start your careers as doctors in an NHS looking different in some ways to previous years.

You will get the same content and the same practical in-person clinical skills and simulation sessions as well as shadowing your peers. South East Scotland has for a long time been ahead of the curve pioneering the Doctors LearnPro programme, and we have moved the majority of our teaching materials online for you, also allowing future reference back to these materials.

For those of you who were involved in the response to COVID-19 as interim FY1s, the Scottish Deanery has stated you should attend the full induction programme (apart from the Simulation scenarios on Friday / Tuesday).

The Medical Education Directorate are a team of consultants, trainees and administrative staff employed to maximise your learning, potential and progress as a doctor in training. Each of the major sites has a dedicated Educational Coordinator (see below) who will be your point of contact through the induction process and your first few jobs.

You can read more about the MED team and what they can do you on this page.


Educational Coordinators

Stacey Knox
Local Education Coordinator (REH)
Jane McCrindle
Local Education Coordinator (RHSC)
Lesley Burgess
Project Support Manager, MED
Interim Ed Co (RIE)
Marion Wright
Local Education Coordinator (SJH)
Lisa Simpson
Local Education Coordinator (WGH)

Induction Programme


Tuesday 28 July

Administrative day, directed by the Local Education Coordinators.

This will be the time where you are provided with useful paperwork including network access, details for Trak training (our Electronic Patient Record system), and your new NHS Lothian emails.

These emails will be used to identify you in your Foundation ePortfolio system (and areas of this website) and will be available remotely on the web and Outlook apps (other mail apps not supported).

Wednesday 29 July

This is the formal induction day.

Due to social distancing, we will be delivering these talks virtually with the FY1s in small groups at both the RIE and WGH sites (RHSC FYs go to RIE and SJH FYs to WGH for this day). Education Coordinators and Clinical Teaching Fellows will be available at all the sites to help. Please note these talks will be running on from each other, with no official coffee or loo break!

0900 - 0910 *
Welcome to NHS Lothian (Miss Tracey Gilles, Medical Director)
0910 - 0930 *
Introductions (Dr Simon Edgar, Director of Medical Education)
0930 - 0940 *
FY representative (Dr Manveer Rahi, current FY1 representative)
0940 - 1000 *
Rest, Sleep and Wellbeing (Amanda Jones, Head of Occupational Health Physiotherapy)
1000 - 1040 *
Venous Thromboembolism and Prophylaxis (Dr Clare Brown, Haematologist)
1040 - 1120 **
Diabetes (Dr Stuart Ritchie, WGH Consultant)
1120 - 1200 **
Fluid Management (Dr Claire Gordon, WGH Consultant)
1200 - 1205 **
Information for guidelines, MED website, getting involved (Dr Emma Scahill, Clinical Teaching Fellow)

(* talks delivered from Shirley Hall, Chancellor's Building, RIE; ** talks delivered from Paderewski Lecture Theatre, WGH)

Wednesday Afternoon

The afternoon is made available for you to complete your online learning materials, including the Doctors LearnPro / Virtual Induction Passport, and other local talks which will be available here for you (including Lothian antimicrobial management).

Thursday 30 July / Friday 31 July

Half of the year will be shadowing on the wards they are taking over on Wednesday 5th August.

The other half will have clinical workshops (including clinical decision making, handover, PPE) all based at WGH's Clinical Skills and Assessment Centre (CSAC) on Thursday. On Friday, there are parallel simulation sessions running at RIE (Chancellor's Building clinical skills centre and Postgraduate Education Centre), WGH (Medical Education Centre) and SJH (Education Centre).

Monday 03 August / Tuesday 04 August

The groups will now change over, with shadowing for those who were in workshops before.

The Monday workshops will again be in CSAC, with simulation running on Tuesday at all four sites.

The group and site allocations will have been emailed out to you separately.

Wednesday 05 August

First day of doctoring!

This is the general changeover day for all doctors in training.

You may attend site specific inductions if you have not worked in NHS Lothian within the last two years.

Ongoing FY Teaching

Don't forget you will have ongoing weekly teaching throughout FY1. This is run at protected lunchtime sessions:

  • RIE - Tuesday 1230-1330
  • SJH - Wednesday 1300-1400
  • WGH - Thursday 1300-1400

More information about the FY1 teaching programme is here.


Talks and Materials



Map to WGH CSAC (Thursday and Monday sessions)

Walking guide to RIE ID office



With social distancing in action, it will be very technically and logistically challenging to have a Q+A session for you during your induction.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email the Educational Coordinators who will be with you through the induction. We will produce a FAQ document which will be updated and will be available here for you to access.

The only silly question is the one that you forgot to ask!