Interim FY1s 2020

FY Induction 2020

A page hosting information, materials and resources for our new interim FY1s (FiY1s), starting their positions early to help the NHS response to COVID-19.

(last updated 08-05-20)


Welcome to NHS Lothian


Daily Teaching

A new teaching programme has been launched for interim FYs. This has been started by Mr Ken Stewart, consultant plastic surgeon, with support from a number of other doctors in SJH.

You can join these open teaching sessions through Microsoft Teams (you can log in using a NHS email).

These run daily at 1345-1445.

If you are on site in SJH, these run from the Lecture Theatre. We are looking for space for doctors to gather (and maintain social distancing) at our other sites, but these are designed for delivery on Teams.

Start Date

You will commence your clinical posts on Wednesday 22nd April. (Borders FY1s have additional site induction prior to this from Monday 20th)


Individual rotas will be released soon however it has been agreed your rota will be 1B banded (this will include some evenings and weekend work, but no night shifts).

Employer Details

NES are your employers and will send you out your contract details "ASAP". Your two days of induction will be paid days of work.


Fife, Borders and SJH FYs should have been allocated accommodation if required. If you still need accommodation, contact your board contact (Ed Cos in Lothian)


Induction Programmes


0830-0845 - Registration
0845-0930 - Welcome from the DMEs
0945-1045 - Small Group Session 1
-- 1045-1115 - Coffee Break

1115-1215 - Small Group Session 2
1215-1315 - Small Group Session 3
-- 1325-1410 - Lunch

1415-1515 - Small Group Session 4
1515-1615 - Small Group Session 5

Small group sessions include:
Referrals Workshop
Death and Dying Tutorial (watch video before session)
Prescribing Workshop
Wellbeing Session
PPE and Procedural Skills


0845-0930 -
Group B -- Registration / ADME Welcome
0930-1245 -
Group A -- Simulation Session
Group B -- eLearning /
COVID webinar (1000)

-- 1245-1315 - Lunch

1315-1400 -
Group A -- Registration / ADME Welcome
1315-1645 -
Group B -- Simulation Session
Group A -- eLearning /
COVID webinar (1400)


Reskilling for COVID-19 Webinar


As part of your induction programme, we are offering special sessions for you delivered by respiratory and anaesthetic specialists designed to cover essential knowledge and skills in looking after COVID-19 patients.

These sessions are the same that have been delivered to current NHS Lothian staff (from FYs to consultants).

Some of you will be working in COVID areas, and most will encounter this condition in the next few months of your practice.

Lothian COVID Zone Guide (as of 16-04-20)


Thanks for Dr Debbie Morley, Dr Jude Dickson and Dr James Tiernan for delivering these sessions.

Recorded Webinar

The session below was recorded with James Tiernan and a group of interim FY1s on 17-04-20 (all infomation correct as of this time).

00:00 -- Intro
04:32 -- A-E assessment and initial management
11:00 -- ABG interpretation and Respiratory Failure
27:00 -- Cases
38:50 -- COVID management
41:00 -- Role of junior doctors
47:00 -- PPE
49:20 -- Deteriorating Patients and Escalation
1.00:30 -- FAQs

This session was recorded with James Tiernan and some of the interim FY1s (all information correct as of 17-04-20).


FY Handbook

A group of current FYs, coordinated by Dr Felix Torrance, have created this handbook for you to use. This was written and based on working in NHS Lothian pre-COVID, but some sections have been added and updated to represent the way we are currently responding. The information is primarily Lothian focused, although there are also some sections for working in NHS Borders and Fife.

A Guide to Junior Doctors Starting in the COVID-19 Crisis

Recommended resources, apps and protocols



Online Induction Materials

We have provided bitesize videos and materials for you to watch prior to joining us for your induction. These can also be completed in your half day of eLearning. Some of these will reference LearnPro modules which are a requirement for you to complete prior to work also.

There are materials from older induction periods (with longer talks and links to other resources) available here.

Other materials include handover teaching materials (hosted on NHS Turas).

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Dr Morgan Evans

Death and Dying

Dr Pauline McAleer

IV Fluids

Dr Hannah Preston


Nikki Gilluley

VTE Prophylaxis / Anticoagulation

Dr Julia Anderson


Dr Brendan Cavanagh


The Blood Transfusion Service team covering South East Scotland have produced a selection of documents and a Powerpoint with attached audio for this induction programme:


BMA Materials for Interim FY1s

The BMA have produced materials for interim FY1s.

Free membership for newly qualified doctors is currently available (sign up here).

Advice on managing rota changes is here and a video also is available (YouTube) detailing what you can expect from your employer (NES) and how the BMA will support you.

NHS Lothian

Hospitals include RIE, WGH, RHSC, DCN, SJH

NHS Borders

BGH will be your placement hospital

NHS Fife

VHK is the main placement hospital, with some work in QMH