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SESSA Trainee Quality Improvement, Audit and Research Network

Our Aims:

  • Support and promote QI projects for individual trainees or multigoup such as RAFT / NAP
  • Champion QI training for registrars and core trainees as part of the RCOA Curriculum
  • Disseminate project results throughout the local region
  • Promote a collaborative approach to QI within region
  • Provide a trainee voice within the SESSA QI Network

Contact Information

<>Please get in touch with questions or comments.
SQuARes Net

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Recent Newsletters and other Publications

QI Resources

The following includes a list of Local QI Leads for Each SESSA Site, A flowmap for help setting up a Quality Improvement Project in NHS Lothian. Further to this are the contact details for QI Mentoring Sessions arranged by NHS Lothian.

QI Education and Curriculum

Current training roadmap and WBPA tools for trainees moving into the new curriculum. NB These are likely to change as the new curriculum becomes live.