Simulated practice for Radiology learning in Lothian

Simulated learning with Radacad

Radacad is a simulated learning environment that allows you to report anonymised studies on PACS into a web-based reporting environment.


Simulated Reporting

Scotland is proud to use a country-wide PACS that hosts imaging data from all modalities across all hospitals. In NHS Lothian, we have thousands of cases that would make excellent teaching resources. However, we don't have systems to allow appropriate access to these cases.

Radacad aims to allow the trainee the ability to review cases in their normal working environment which are anonymised and detached from additional imaging.

This system allows the trainee to review a case and learn how to make a diagnosis. We are trialling this system at the moment in paediatrics and for oncall preparation, but hope to roll it out to new parts of the training scheme over the next year.