Registrar Teaching


HST teaching for registrars (ST3-ST6) is organized on a regular basis. Typically teaching will be held at one of the three main hospital bases. As of this academic year teaching has transitioned into a dedicated teaching day rather than smaller, weekly sessions. This is designed to maximize attendance and also allows the chance for trainees from different sites to interact regularly.

Guest speakers are invited from various specialities to deliver focused sessions which are structured around the higher speciality training curriculum. Sessions will also include a regular journal club and cover past paper questions based on the FRCEM SAQ examination. Currently we are trialling Balint groups as part of the teaching days.

Over the course of the year trainees are offered the chance to get involved with organizing training days. This not only allows trainees to gain valuable management experience but also allows trainees a greater degree of input over what parts of the curriculum to focus on.

HST training certificates for attendance can be obtained by signing in on TUBS and used in your eportfolio as evidence. After the teaching sessions have taken slides are uploaded onto a Dropbox account afterwards, accessible to trainees only. All the main hospital sites will also offer their own departmental teaching which is separate and distinct from HST and there are plenty of opportunities for learning within the Lothian EM network.