Acute and General Medicine at RIE

AMGM induction August 2020



RIE Acute and General Medicine teaching via Zoom is now available to all doctors in training.

To be able access the links for the session below, make sure you are logged in to the MED website (button top right).

The one-hour sessions take place Mondays and Fridays at 1pm and there is an opportunity to ask questions using the chat function.

These sessions have been arranged by Dr Ish Thethy, RIE medicine education lead.

email: or

November meetings
  • Friday 4 December 2020: Pyrexia of Unknown Origin, Dr. Owen Cronin and Dr. Euan McRorie

  • Monday 7 December 2020: Welcome and Quality Improvement Initiatives, Dr. Ish Thethy and Dr. Ann Lockman

  • Friday 11 December 2020: Medical Ethics, Dr. Kathy Strachan and Dr. Roger Smyth

  • Monday 14 December 2020: Written Communication IDL and FDL, Dr. Ann Lockman

  • Friday 18 December 2020: Complaints and Compliments, Dr. Ann Lockman and Dr. Yvonne Chun

  • Monday 21 December 2020: Pharmacy: Medicines Reconciliation, Acute Medicine Pharmacy Team

  • Friday 28 December 2020: Diabetes Part 1: Insulin Prescribing

Rules for joining our Zoom meetings:

  1. Ensure your ZOOM is updated to the latest version

  2. Make your ID name identifiable as you.

  3. You can register for these meetings in advance on TUBS. We will register you from the Zoom audience. If needed, email us using the same address as your TUBS account to be added retrospectively.

  4. Once you provide your feedback, you can download your certificate of attendance for CPD and portfolio purposes.

  5. Please mute your microphones when you join.

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