Being Human: Valuing Our Workforce

Resources and materials from the Being Human: Valuing Our Workforce conference held 12 March 2019 at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


Being Human conference videos

Tracey Gillies - Medical Director - Opening of Being Human conference

Dr Rhona Das - The Importance of Apology

Dr Dave Caesar - Transforming Care, Starting with You

Dr Rosie Baruah - To Be Biased Is Human: Gender and Medicine

Mr Tommy Whitelaw - You Can Make a Difference

Mrs Jennifer Gilroy-Cheetham - What Makes Me Feel Safe

Dr Caroline Elton - The Fallacy of PCC

Dr Sangeeta Mahajan - To Be Or Not To Be

Dr Mark Stacey - A Baker's Dozen of Wellbeing Skills

Dr Jennie Higgs - Practise before practice: Rehearsing challenging conversations

Dr Carlyn Davie - I've Datixed You

Dr Catherine Stretton - From Datix to Greatix

Dr Imogen Smith - You should do a reflection on that

Dr Cat Harley - An Optimistic Future: the GMC on Wellbeing

Dr Catherine Calderwood - Keynote Lecture


Related videos

Dr Mike Farquhar – Why we need to talk about fatigue

Video describing impact of fatigue on our performance, and how organisations can help to protect both patients and staff

Listening to Shame - Brene Brown

TED talk exploring the emotion of shame, its potential harm and how we can confront it head on

“The Last 1000 Days” by Molly Case

Poem describing the last 1000 days of life and the importance of compassionate care

What is Learning from Excellence and why is it important?

How can we use Learning from Excellence where we work?