WeCaRE Background

WeCaRE acts as a framework/map for teams to improve the ways they work together to create a quality training environment and workplace. It is most successful when trainees are empowered to create change and own the change process.

Evolution of WeCaRE

WeCaRE's previous iteration was the Professionalism Compliance and Assessment Tool which was developed and tested by Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellows placed within the Scottish Government's Health Workforce Directorate. It was re-imagined in 2021 as a user-friendly framework that departments could pick up and use independently to improve the training experience. Additionally evidenced-based elements from the quality improvement Joy in Work framework from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement were incorporated into the framework. The process is relevant and useful for all members of the MDT to get involved, not just the doctors in training in the department.

Joy in Work

The healthcare workforce crisis represents the biggest threat to the NHS, with high levels of burnout and disengagement. Thriving at work requires more than addressing burnout, however in the face of current service pressure delivering this is overwhelming. The Joy in Work framework was developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) after consultation with healthcare providers on a global basis in finding practical solutions to improve workplace culture.

Overview of Joy in Work Approach

A short video outlining the Joy in Work Framework.

WeCaRE Across Scotland

The WeCaRE framework is being used in various specialties in health boards throughout Scotland to drive positive change. NES have endorsed WeCaRE as a tool that can also aid the achievement of SMART objectives from Deanery visits. A microsoft teams channel is available to join a community of people using the framework and share ideas and resources.