WeCaRE Resources

Success with WeCaRE depends on a few things:

- Entrusting trainees to make positive changes to their ways of working that will benefit the whole team and the patients they care for

- Senior leaders supporting and empowering trainees to do this

- Ongoing enthusiasm for the change!

- A framework to support departments with this work

This page contains all the resources teams have requested to support the WeCaRE cycle

We Plan

After forming a small core steering group (with representatives from doctors in training and those in the department with an influence over service and educational process) a project vision is agreed and documented by the team in a project charter. After this a project timeline is agreed and survey questions picked for part of the data gathering exercise.

Project Charter

A blank project charter template that can be used to document the shared team vision for the process and anticipate future challenges. It should be a collaborative process in completing it and it can be re-visited and modified as the process continues. The TURAS link below contains useful explanations and suggestions to support your team filling in your project charter and provides a worked example for inspiration.

Scheduling tools

Tools to help set the schedule for the process and maintain momentum. The TURAS QI Zone link has a worked example to view.

Setting Questions

Generic survey question set which can be tailored to the specific needs of the department. Instructions on accessing the MS forms template in order to generate an electronic survey. Contextual question set to complete regarding the department.

We Listen

This stage of the WeCaRE cycle is focused on collecting high-quality data about what is actually going on in your department and what staff are experiencing.

  • What Matters to You? Conversation Prompts

A well facilitated 'what matters to you' conversation is an appreciative inquiry similar to taking a clinical history. Use of open and closed questions to probe deeper into the first answers given and listen to understand rather than just respond or defend.

How to prepare for what matters to you conversations and start useful dialogue



Question prompts for what matters to you conversations. IHI Joy in Work white paper outlining rationale behind what matters to you conversations

We Share

At the We Share stage the data from the survey questions, contextual data and what matters to you conversations are analysed into themes and presented to the whole department to facilitate discussion.

Analysis tools

Documents to aid collection and analysis of the data collected.


Templates and examples of how the analysed data can be presented to the whole department.

We Create Change

The model for improvement is the recommended QI process to follow to test change ideas to address the issues noted in the department feedback. The video and website resources in this section share a wealth of information how to select measures and implement and up-scale change ideas.

PDSA Template

A blank template to use to plan plan-do-study-act cycles.

Overview of how to use PDSA cycles from the East London Foundation Trust Quality Team


QI Pitfalls

Tips to maximise the likelihood of successful and sustainable change.

We Finish

This stage is all about reflecting what you have achieved. Presenting your work back to the department and repeating the survey question set to evaluate improvement.

The WeCaRE cycle can be started again focusing on ongoing issues that the department would like to concentrate on.


Repeating the survey questions

Generic survey question set which can be tailored to the specific needs of the department.

Other useful documents