Work Well

NHS Lothian’s vision is to promote, support and encourage staff to look after their own health, wellbeing and resilience (self-care).

On Wednesday 26 May 2021 NHS Lothian's Staff Governance Committee approved the new wellbeing strategy: 'Work Well - Building a healthier and happier culture for our staff'. This is a three-year strategy which aims to provide a clear plan that will continuously improve staff wellbeing. The Strategy was commissioned by NHS Lothian Charity as part of their strategic commitment to support staff health, wellbeing, and professional development.

NHS Lothian continues to work in partnership with its official charity, NHS Lothian Charity, who to deliver support staff wellbeing by investing in our Work Well Strategy and provide ongoing support for staff wellbeing. Through adapting their focus to longer-term, strategic support through the Work Well Strategy, they can ensure a wider reach and more lasting impact on staff.