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Common TRAK Shortcuts

Trak has a large number of shortcuts that insert a template of text that you can then edit – these are really useful for saving you time and ensuring you don’t miss something.

Many of the Trak shortcuts are specific to certain clinical areas, and you should be told about these when you receive your local induction to that ward or unit. You can also ask the doctors you are taking over from for the ones that are most useful to them.

The following is a list of commonly used shortcuts that are useful wherever you are working, as chosen by current FY1s.

To use them just type them in the patient notes text box, then hit the <Spacebar> key.

\IDLImmediate Discharge Letter
\IDLGMImmediate Discharge Letter (Gen Med specific)
\IDLGS , \IDLCA etcSpecific Discharge Letter templates for certain clinical areas – ask which one your area uses
\TTTFalls Checklist – used when you document a review you do for any patient who has fallen whilst in hospital
\painrefReferral to pain team
\frailReferral to frailty team
\deathverDeath verification template – used when you verify any patient death
\deathcertDeath certification template – used when you complete a Death Certificate for a patient