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The MED Team

The Medical Education Directorate is led by Dr Simon Edgar, with Sara Robinson as Deputy. There are also Associate Directors of Medical Education (ADME) on each Lothian site.

MED Management Team

Dr Simon Edgar
Director of Medical Education
Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Sara Robinson
Deputy Director of Medical Education
Emergency Consultant
Marion Mackay
Service Manager
Comien Moffat
PA to DME, DDME and SM
Olivia MacConnell
Business and Programme Manager

The Medical Education Directorate (MED) aims to develop and translate the NHS Lothian clinical education strategy by fully integrating medical training and education into the demands of a clinical service.

What is a Director of Medical Education? Click on the link below to find out more.

The MED consists of a network of leaders across the 5 main sites:

  • Associate Directors (ADMEs)

  • Undergraduate Leads

  • Simulation Leads

There is also a team of dedicated Educational Coordinators and Admin Assistants led by the MED Service Manager (Marion Mackay) who can assist you in accessing additional information and support. Our Team also have a Project Support Manager and a dedicated Lead Pharmacist.


<>Our ADMEs are key to the quality assurance and governance of the teaching and training delivered on each site in NHS Lothian.
Dr Lesley Dawson
Oncology Consultant
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology
Dr Rob Waller
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr James Tiernan
Respiratory Consultant
Mastery Skills Lead
Dr Mary-Louise Montague
Consultant ENT Surgeon
Dr Nicola McCullough
ADME, St John's Hospital
Consultant A&E
Dr Ross Paterson
ADME (Improvement)
Intensive Care Consultant (WGH)
Dr Vicky Tallentire
ADME - Scholarship
Consultant, Acute Medicine
Dr Siobhan Connolly
ADME Simulation
Dr Ben Pearson-Stuttard
ADME for General Practice and Community Services

MED Leaders

Dr James Tiernan
Respiratory Consultant
Mastery Skills Lead
Kathy Strachan
Clinical Lead for Medical Ethics Education
Dr Goran Zangana
IMG Lead for Training
Acting Consultant, Acute & General Medicine
Cheryl Tudor
Quality Improvement Lead
Shirin Brady
LED (Locally Employed Doctor) Programme Lead
Emergency Medicine Consultant

Undergraduate Leads

<>Our Undergraduate Leads work closely with the University of Edinburgh to ensure placements provide excellent teaching opportunities for Medical Students across our sites.
Dr Katy Letham
Undergraduate Lead (RIE)
Emergency Medicine Consultant
Dr Alison Stillie
Undergraduate Lead, WGH
Consultant, Clinical Oncology
Dr Alexandra Pittock
Undergraduate Lead REH
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Radzi Noh
Undergraduate Lead SJH
Diabetes and Endocrinology Consultant
Dr Sarah Alexander
Undergraduate Lead RHCYP
Paediatric Doctor

Education Coordinators

Stacey Knox
Local Education Coordinator (REH)
Jane McCrindle
Local Education Coordinator RHCYP/DCN
Pauline Dunlop
Medical Education Coordinator SJH
Garth Cruickshank
Medical Education Coordinator (RIE)
Laura McVay
Medical Education Coordinator (WGH)

MED Associated Staff

Alison Mackie
Lead Pharmacist, MED
Lesley Burgess
Project Support Manager, MED
Marion Wright
Administration Assistant (SJH)
Emeline Hoste
Administrative Assistant RHCYP/DCN
Beatriz Gomez Requena
Administrative Assistant, WGH
Ryan Cryne
Administrative Assistant (RIE)

MED Sim Team

Dr Siobhan Connolly
ADME Simulation
Dr James Tiernan
Respiratory Consultant
Mastery Skills Lead
Dr Ed Mellanby
Consultant Anaesthetist
Sim Lead - Pan Lothian Faculty Development
Dr Eleanor Hampton
Simulation Lead RIE
Respiratory and General Medicine Consultant
Dr Ailsa Howie
Simulation Lead WGH
Consultant Acute Medicine
Dr Du Toit De Wet
Simulation Lead (SJH)
Dr Chris O'Shea
Simulation Lead REH
Psychiatry Consultant
Martin Lister
Paediatric Consultant
Simulation Lead RHCYP
Ian Morrison
Clinical Educator for Simulation
Joe Roberts
Simulation Technician (RIE)
Alasdair Dippie
Simulation Technician (REH/RHCYP)
Maria Monteiro
Simulation Technician (SJH)
Lisa Anderson
Education Coordinator SIM

Chief Registrars

<>Each site has a Chief Registrar with a primary focus on wellbeing and trainee needs, with initiatives like the TMF and Trickle.
Amanda Swan
Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow
Clinical Oncology Registrar
Jessica Boston
Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow
Opthalmology Registrar
Rory Anderson
Chief Registrar (RHCYP)
Emergency Medicine Registrar
Sub Specialty Paediatric EM
Stuart Hamilton
Chief Registrar (SJH/RIE)
ST6 Emergency Medicine
Hussain Sarwar
Chief Registrar (WGH)
ST4 Clinical Oncology
Fraser Waterson
Chief Registrar (RIE/SJH)
ST7 Emergency Medicine and ICU
Cat Holligan
Chief Registrar (REAS)
General Adult Psychiatry Registrar
Dr Callum Mutch
Chief Registrar Digital (WGH)
Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Registrar
Carly Brewster
Chief Registrar (RIE)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Registrar

Medical Education Fellows

<>Lothian's MEFs are doctors either taking an OOPE or a natural break in training, with full time commitment to Medical Education. This is supporting both undergraduate modules and postgraduate teaching, with a focus on Foundation Simulation.
Katherine Ralston
Medical Education Fellow (SJH)
David Maclennan
Medical Education Fellow
Medicine RIE
Valerie Rae
Medical Education Fellow
Paediatrics RHCYP/DCN
Lachlan Dick
Medical Education Fellow (LB/PAEP)
General Surgery Trainee
Ashley Simpson
Medical Education Fellow (RIE)
Senior Registrar Renal Medicine
Toby Merriman
Medical Education Fellow (WGH)
Acute Medicine Registrar
Robyn Canham
Medical Education Fellow (REAS)
Psychiatry Registrar
Kate Mitchell
Medical Education Fellow (Sustainability) (SJH)
Emergency Medicine Registrar
Katie Hughes
Medical Education Fellow (RIE)
Trauma & Orthopaedic Registrar
Sarah Galbraith
Medical Education Fellow
ST7 in Respiratory Medicine

Structure of NHS Lothian (Dr Simon Edgar)