Staff Networks

Support and social networks set up by and for staff in marginalised groups, in both NHS Lothian and NES


NES Staff Networks

NES staff networks are open to all doctors in training.

Under-Represented Minority Staff Network: will include doctors in training who are employed by NES as well as NES staff members. The network will provide support and a safe space for staff to raise concerns. Members will work with key decision-makers in identifying strategies to address inequalities. The network will be open to all staff irrespective of their background. For further information of this network please contact Amjad Khan ( or Roussa Demosthenous (

Disability and Long-Term Conditions Network: seeks to take steps to strengthen the voice and engagement with staff who are disabled or have long term conditions. In addition to supporting staff with long term physical health and mental health conditions, the network should be relevant and inclusive for neurodivergent staff. Membership and participation is open and a matter of self-definition; if you feel this is a network for you please contact Lynette Grieve (

NES LGBT+ Staff Network: aims to connect people who work in NES (including doctors in training and other clinical and non-clinical staff) for support and socialising alongside developing shared work to promote equality for LGBT+ people within NES and the NHS more broadly. If you’re interested in finding out more please contact Associate Postgraduate Dean for Quality Marie Mathers (


NHS Lothian Equality and Human Rights strategy is available to view on the NHS Lothian website.