High-quality training for safe and effective procedural skills

The Mastery Skills Pathway

The NHS Lothian Mastery Skills Pathway is an educational, quality assurance and patient safety initiative to promote high-quality training and safe, effective patient care for high-risk procedural skills.

Your Pre-Learning, Peer-Assisted Deliberate Practice and Simulation-Based Assessment sessions will optimally prepare you for real-life procedural performance, under direct supervision.

From this page you can access our Pre-Learning resources (videos and reading packs).

The Introductory video, further down this page, provides an overview of Simulation-Based Mastery Learning and how we have adopted this methodology in NHS Lothian. Please check it out before immersing yourself in the skill you wish to develop.

At the very bottom of this page is a video about scrubbing and gowning up. This has proven challenging for those that don't do it often, so we made a video to help.


An Introduction to Mastery Learning in Lothian

In this video we introduce you to the concept of Clinical Mastery through the Mastery Programme.

Scrubbing and Gowning Up