Striving for quality in training is one of the ways we can ensure that patients get the best outcomes.

Quality Training

Quality improvement activities are crucial to maintaining a high standard of training in NHS Lothian. Although they aren’t mandatory, we urge you to participate so that we have the most accurate information available to make recommendations for improvement.


Focus Groups

Focus groups offer the opportunity to meet with doctors in training to discuss the positives and challenges of the training placement and use this information to improve the quality of the training experience.

Focus groups may be undertaken:

  • As part of our routine educational quality control
  • To learn from specialties that have consistently good feedback
  • In response to issues and concerns raised by trainees either via the raising concerns process, trainee survey data or informal intelligence

Focus groups allow further exploration of issues raised to better understand them and provide further evidence. This allows better and often clearer information to be shared with trainers and clinical management teams and allows action plans to be formulated.


Educational Governance

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Our Surveys

You may receive a survey link from your Education Coordinator or MED Quality Management asking you to answer a series of questions, or you may be given a feedback form to fill out before you leave a session.

MED Quality Control staff

Cleo McCann
MED Quality Officer