Creating the best clinical learning environment for our students

Undergraduate teaching in Lothian

As well as training postgraduate doctors in training, the Medical Education Directorate is also key to the quality assurance and governance of the teaching and training undergraduate medical students receive.

Medical school students from all over the world can undertake elective attachments at Edinburgh Medical School teaching hospitals. Visiting medical electives will recommence from summer 2023. Applications for July to December are now open. For medical elective related enquiries, please contact us at:


UG Website survey

Back in December 2020, a survey was issued asking your opinion of the MED website as it was. Your feedback has been used to make improvements to the website and provide pages for each year group.

You asked for clinical teaching resources

We did - made links to other pages on the resources section of the website, linking to basic clinical skills, orthopaedic examinations, paediatric examinations, trainee resources, hospital services and educational resources

You asked for a list of clinical skills

we did - added the How Students Can Help Clinical Skills Chart produced by the University of Edinburgh giving details of expectations within each year group

You asked for details of changing facilities/site information/maps

We did - linked the undergraduate pages to the hospital pages which gives all this information and more, including canteen facilities, bike sheds, transport details and more.

You asked for contact details and information on placements

We did - contact has been made with all placement wards and we are in the process of giving each ward area an icon of information on the site - please note that due to the number of wards, this may take some time.

You said you were not aware of the website until the survey

We are working with the university to get access to Learn and to have a link between the two interfaces. Please do raise awareness with your peers and the students in the years below, you will use this website when you are Doctors in Training, so it's a good time to start.

Updates for MBChB Clinical Placements and Teaching 2020/21

A talk from Dr James Tiernan, Clinical Placement Organiser, delivered at the Trainee Management Forum, July 2020.

Undergraduate Leads

Dr Katy Letham
Undergraduate Lead, RIE
Emergency Medicine Consultant
Dr Alison Stillie
Undergraduate Lead, WGH
Consultant, Oncology
Dr Donald Noble
UG Lead
Consultant Physician
Miss Emily Baird
Undergraduate Lead, RHCYP/DCN
Orthopaedic Consultant
Dr Lexi Pittock
Undergraduate Lead REH