Welcome to the Lothian Peer Mentoring Programme!

Mentoring is a positive developmental relationship between two people based on understanding and trust, which aims to build the self-reliance and self-confidence of the mentee and harness the mentor’s own personal and professional development. Anybody at any stage of their life or career can benefit from a mentoring relationship, and you can sign up to be a mentor, a mentee, or both!

The peer mentor programme aims to support our medical staff to thrive in their working lives. Our purpose is to promote personal and professional development and create conditions that allow individuals to connect with the values of NHS Lothian as well as providing effective healthcare services to the local population.

We provide formal training to prospective mentors and mentees and will support you throughout your journey in the peer mentoring programme. Please click on your relevant group page for more information. If you are interested in joining the peer mentoring programme but don't feel that you are represented in these groups, please still get in touch with us - we are really happy to hear from you!


We are delighted to receive applications for mentors and mentees.

Matchings are made between mentors and mentees with similar developmental goals. We ask the mentors engage with our training prior to matching being released.

Mentees are encouraged to attend the training too in order to get the most out of the mentoring relationship.

Application form at the bottom of this page!




We facilitate partnerships based on your criteria to ensure you are best matched to your mentoring needs


Mentors will receive formal training in Mentorship skills


The Peer Mentorship Team will be on hand to support all Mentors and Mentees in developing their partnerships