Mentoring for Consultants in their first 5 years

Becoming a Consultant is a challenging and rewarding time. New Consultants require support, advice and mentorship in a different way to other groups. Mentoring can provide support in job planning, leadership and management, complaints handling and navigating appraisal requirements.

Here is what one of our mentees told us about their experience, " Very positive experience. It was useful to have someone from a different speciality, completely independent from my circumstances. I used the role to talk through an unsuccessful application to a permanent consultant post.Then talked through strategies of what to do next.
The strategies developed during these sessions were very helpful and contributed to this success [now permanent consultant post]. I also used the role to think about transition from registrar to consultant, how to manage job planning, etc. It was all excellent- could talk about things that would be hard to talk about with direct colleagues/ family/ etc."

Consultants in their first five years of appointment wishing to be matched with an experienced Consultant mentor, or Consultants wishing to be supported in a mentoring role can fill out the application form by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this page.

We have had a lot of interest from Consultants in their first five years seeking mentorship and we are keen to recruit more mentors - please get in touch if you aren't sure if mentoring is for you and you'd like to find out more.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions/improvement suggestions about the programme - our email address is available at the bottom of the page or you can join our Lothian Peer Mentoring Programme Teams channel for current updates.