Promoting wellbeing at work

Wellbeing at Work

We are committed to encouraging wellbeing at work. We believe that Joy in Work is a vital part of this and we will champion a "GREATix, not Datix" culture where we can. If you are in a position where you have concerns, we want to hear them too.

TEDxNHS Livestream

NHS Lothian will be livestreaming TEDxNHS 2019 - here’s how you can get involved...

When: Friday 4th October 2019, from 10.30am


RHSC – Lecture Theatre

RIE – Blackford Room, Postgraduate Education Centre

REH – Meeting Room 1, First Floor, Clinical Services, Royal Edinburgh Building

WGH – Paderewski Lecture Theatre

SJH – Telepresence Room, Education Centre

There are amazing people in our NHS with inspirational stories and aspirational ideas. TEDxNHS brings these people together on a national stage to share their stories, so that we leave inspired to think differently, dream bigger and design better for the population we serve.

TEDxNHS is an event for the NHS, by the NHS. It is independently organised under licence from TED, and organised and run by NHS staff on a voluntary basis. Our aim is to foster and spread great ideas, whilst inspiring new connections and actions in our NHS community.

The theme for TEDxNHS 2019 is Beyond our Component Parts’.

This year’s topics are:

• Open Hearts – A celebration of our workforce, culture and people

• Divergent Thoughts – A platform for innovation, the spread of ideas and knowledge

• Progressive Steps – A journey to embrace change and positively shape our health and care system

Speaker List/blogs available here:

These topics are purposefully intended to be interpreted as broadly as possible. TEDxNHS attracts speakers and performers with ideas that are at the intersection of health and other areas, e.g. art, design, technology, the environment, business and policy. We are also very excited to have patients and carers in our speaker line-up.

Join us as we embark on a new chapter; recalling revolutionary beginnings, reconciling present imperfections, and rising to a future of infinite possibilities.

If you’re not able to join the livestream hubs in NHS Lothian, NHS staff are able to access the TEDxNHS livestream by registering at

The Wellbeing Survey

NHS Lothian and the Medical Education team recognise your commitment and the challenges that you face in helping us deliver high-quality care in a busy clinical service.

Thanks to all those who participated in the survey in December. What you told us in the survey will allow us to work together to make changes that will enhance your experience in Lothian and ensure high quality care for our patients and their families.

Many thanks to those who have asked to be active in ongoing wellbeing work that may arise from the survey.