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Working in Lothian as a SAS doctor/ dentist

Welcome to being a SAS doctor / dentist in NHS Lothian

You are joining 220 other Specialty Doctors & Dentists and Associate Specialists working in multiple specialties and across multiple sites across the board.

There are various people based in the board who are there to support you. You will meet many of the senior team at Lothian's induction day.

For SAS - specific support, your local SAS Education Advisor is Lynne Meekison, Associate Specialist in Gastroenterology at RIE who is also Associate Postgraduate Dean for SAS, Scotland. Lynne can help you and signpost you.

Once you are in post, you should be included on the email list to receive SAS-related information/ educational opportunities. Do email if you have not started to receive these.

There are lots of relevant resources on the SAS Programme Scotland Deanery webpage including details of how to apply for SAS Development funding which is over and above your entitlement to regular study leave funding.

There is also a helpful Guidance for New SAS for those new to the grade.

Please come along to local SAS meetings, join the national webinars, training courses and hopefully join the annual conference; all details are on the Scotland Deanery website.

The local BMA SAS representative is Jennifer MacKenzie

The Lothian SAS committee is always looking for new people to join - get in touch with Lynne or Jennifer

There is a support group for new International Medical Graduates - see


Other useful links and contact details: see also under trainee section for guidance on IT/ protocols etc

Occupational Health: 0131 536 1135

Whistleblowing details: 0131 465 1130 See also Intranet page on whistleblowing

Health Board Appraisal Lead:

Job Planning Lead in Board:

Link for Quality Improvement Academy and coaching Current & Future Courses — Lothian Quality (

Lothian Peer Mentoring Programme:

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