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Welcome to life in the South-East of Scotland.

Speaking from experience, starting a job in a new healthcare system and/or doing life in a different country/region can be challenging, if not daunting, to say the least.

We are therefore dedicated to helping you transition smoothly and aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

To enable us to do so, we have put together and linked into some useful resources:

a) Induction

b) Human Resources - Employment Policies and Procedures

c) Accommodation

d) Training and Career Progression

e) Support and Buddy Systems

f) IMG Survey

g) Lost in translation - Nuances of Language and Medical Acronyms

h) Shared stories - Preparing and Maneuvering for Life in the UK and Work in the NHS

i) FAQ's

We hope you find these valuable - Enjoy browsing!


  1. Next Induction: 18 April from 08:30 - 13:30, Blackford Room, Post Graduate Education Centre, RIE

  2. Simulation Half-Day 28th March 08:45-13:00 - sign up via TuBs

  3. Alongside the induction, we have collaborated with GMC representatives and the Medical Education Directorate to hold additional workshops:

    1. Welcome to UK Practice - 15 May 2023 from 13.30 - 17.00. To sign up email

      1. Upskilling in Clinical Skills Lab - 2023 dates TBC

Simon Edgar IMG Welcome



Employment Policies and Procedures




A) Scottish International Medical Graduate Induction Program

Is held twice a year and aims to provide you with:

  1. Helpful information as you begin your career in the NHS and life in the UK, and

  2. An opportunity to meet other peers in similar circumstances and share wisdom

2023 Dates: TBC

To join: Email with your name, country of graduation, training or non-training post, and NHS Scotland email address.

Medical Training in Scotland

The Scotland Deanery | NHS Education for Scotland | NES and Scottish Medical Training websites provide invaluable information on recruitment and training.

Career Progression

Our Royal Colleges in Edinburgh (Physicians / Surgeons), Glasgow, and London (Physicians / Surgeons); and the Scotland Deanery | NHS Education for Scotland | NES Website provide an extensive range of educational events you can choose to attend to enhance your knowledge, skills and competencies for your continuous professional development.

In addition, locally you will have access to:

  1. Hospital organised teaching for Foundation Year Doctors

  2. Core Medical Training Days and Specialty Specific Training Days

  3. Departmental Teaching

(all advertised locally and 1&2 incorporated into your Rotas)

You may also want to refer to these other useful local resources:

  1. South East Scotland Faculty of Clinical Educators

  2. Tutorial Booking System

  3. NHS Lothian Simulation Program

B) Local NHS Lothian IMG Training and Teaching Opportunities

Wednesdays once a month, via Teams - advertised on WhatsApp Group

In Acute and General Medicine RIE - we are holding small group tutorials fortnightly on Thursdays between 1.30 to 2pm in OPD4 Seminar Room - dates to be advertised. Feel free to drop in. These will cover acute assessment of patients, communication and handover procedures.




  • The Scotland Deanery has introduced a buddy system to support International Medical Graduates in Scotland. To volunteer to be a buddy or sign up a buddy please contact - stating your name, current location, preferences regarding your buddy, country of graduation, grade and speciality. Further information can be accessed here.

  • There is also a Facebook Group - Scottish IMGs Support Network. The group is a closed group. It gives you the opportunity to connect with your peers and participate in discussions or ask questions pertaining to IMG's. You will be asked for your GMC number for verification.

  • For more in-depth information and resources on International Medical Graduates in Scotland, the Scottish Deanery IMG page provides a comprehensive wealth of information Scotland Deanery | NHS Education for Scotland | NES

Local to NHS Lothian

Also if you have an interest in Global Health Initiatives and connecting with like-minded individuals - we have included the link to the NHS Scotland Global Health Citizenship Programme - Welcome - NHS Scotland - Global Citizenship (


IMG Survey RIE

To better understand the local experiences, we also surveyed the current International Medical Graduates working at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh. The document below summarises their experience and highlights to us what was most important to them, and what they would've liked to know at the start.


"Language is a road map of a culture. It tells you where it's people come from and where they are going." - Rita MacBrown

We can all sometimes get lost in translation and in the intricate nuances of language - accents, differences and barriers.

We in the NHS sometimes forget that the acronyms and terms we use are not a universal language understood by all.

We've put together an acronym 'dictionary' of sorts (in this document below) to help you recognise and understand some that you may come across in your daily work - spoken or written.


Acronyms dictionary

  • Commonly used acronyms in NHS for IMGs (login)


This website - 'Spikkin Scots' is well worth a visit and may help you recognise and understand the different dialects across Scotland.



Scotland Deanery | NHS Education for Scotland | NES is an invaluable resource to access when preparing for work in the UK - it encompasses useful information on Visas and Immigration, General Medical Council, Employment, Medical Indemnity, Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG), National Insurance Number and IT systems. Furthermore, this website gives a succinct summary of the structure of NHS Scotland, it's history and vision.

We have also included below, some video recordings of our peers who have shared:

1) The stories of their transitional journey to the UK,

2) Their experiences in the NHS, and

3) Some top tips of how to maneuver the two

Dr Ali Harmouche

Dr Ali Harmouche is originally from Lebanon. He did all of his medical training in Hungary. This is his story.

Dr Khawja Nizamuddin

Dr Khawja Nizamuddin is originally from Pakistan. He did his undergraduate and foundation training in Peshawar, before coming to the UK to continue his post graduate training. This is his story.