Disabled Employee Network (DEN)


About the Network

Around 40% of the workforce have some form of impairment – some lesser and others higher – which can impact on their working and personal lives. The social model of disability sees the person first and argues that the barriers people face, in combination with their impairments, are what disables them.

DEN welcomes anyone who identifies as disabled, neurodivergent, or with a long-term health condition. You don't need a formal diagnosis, and you don't need to disclose your condition to your supervisor or to other DEN members.

What counts as disability

The aim of the Disabled Employee Network (DEN) is to encourage contact, support and friendship among all staff who self-identify as neurodivergent and/or disabled, visible or invisible. The network seeks to foster an environment where issues of disability can be discussed in confidence and where advice and information can be sought. DEN is committed to raising the profile of disability in the workplace and actively seeks to improve the disabled experience at NHS Lothian. DEN is centred around best practice on disability in the workplace and will build upon members' lived experience to better inform NHS Lothian on how disability inclusion can benefit organisational goals and foster good employee relations.

Email: loth.disabilitynetwork@nhs.scot


Upcoming DEN meetings

All meetings take place over Teams. Contact us if you would like to receive the Teams invitation.

Our next meeting is Thursday 18th April, 12.30-13.30. You can join us here on Teams.

Future meetings: 

  • Thursday 30th May, 18.00-19.00

  • Thursday 20th June, 12.30-13.30

  • Thursday 25th July, 18.00-19.00

  • Thursday 22nd August, 12.30-13.30

  • Thursday 26th September, 18.00-19.00

  • Thursday 24th October, 12.30-13.30

  • Thursday 28th November, 18.00-19.00