Information for Year 4 Medical Students

Welcome to the NHS Lothian Year 4 Undergraduate Medical Student pages . In this section, you will find information on who's who, the departments you will visit during year 4 placements, along with handy hints and tips relevant to your year group. Please check out the hospital pages for details on site information including food, parking, changing rooms and hospital maps.


White Boards

You may have noticed Medical Student whiteboards in the wards where you are on placement. These are for your use, in collaboration with the medical and nursing staff to facilitate communication and integration into your placement wards. The boards should be updated daily if you are on the ward and should include any task you need signed off, as well as general ward information and any learning/teaching opportunities. The Education Co-ordinators on each site have the cameras available to take your pictures for the boards. Their details can be found in the "About Us" section. Please see some excellent examples of the boards in use across our NHS Lothian hospitals

WOW: Whiteboards on Wards Project

The Whiteboards were set up last year in all year 4 placement wards and were there to be used. Feedback from 20/21 year 4's stated they were useful but could be improved. This is where the new year 4's come in. By having prior knowledge of the boards and your pictures, you can ask about them and make sure they are being used the best they can be. They should be present where all staff can see them and refer to them and should be updated daily when you are on shift.

2021 Year 4 Medical Students

All year 4 students should have had their pictures taken when they came to pick up their scrubs. If you have not had yours taken, please contact the Education Co-ordinators on your placements site. See the "about us" section of the website.




Undergraduate skills poster

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