Frequently Asked Questions


1. Any recommendation for estate agents for buying/ renting?

  • We are not advertising the following websites; however, these were the websites that IMGs have suggested when searching for accommodation. ESPC, Rightmove, Zoopla. You can find other accommodation resources on the Peer Mentoring and Support resources page.

2. What is the best school in the region?

3. Is it possible to work while waiting for my visa application process?

  • You should be able to work if you still have a valid visa and apply before your current visa expires. You can provide them with “ Share code” which they can use to check your right to work. You can use the following link to generate share code, then share the share code with your employer.

4. How to organize a clinical attachment?

  • To organize a clinical attachment you need to find a consultant to sponsor you. One way of finding them is by meeting the clinical director of the department you wish to attend. You can meet them informally by checking job descriptions on NHS Scotland jobs. The clinical directors are usually busy but you can always reach out to their personal assistants.

5. How to apply for ALS?

6. How to get a reference letter for bank/renting?

  • In the absence of a contract as the staff engagement form is required to be completed pre-emp stage so the trainee may not be in UK at the time of completion. You could email the medical recruitment team in your department. If you’re working in NHS Lothian this is their email Otherwise, you could ask the HR department to give you a reference letter to obtain a UK bank account/ accommodation.

7. Any recommendations for places to print poster for presentation?

  • You can email the King's building, University of Edinburgh with the following details: your work detail, poster size, date you wanted. And send the poster in PDF form.

8. Useful resources


• Scottish IMG Doctors Support Network Facebook group

• STEP programme (GP Trainees) and Psych step programme (Mental health trainee)

• OASIS Programme

Buddy system

If you have more questions you would like an answer to please email or use the IMGs NHS Lothian Teams Channel.