Chief Registrar


Chief Registrar recruitment

Are you a trainee at ST4+ level who in interested in leadership development and clinical management?

The application process is internal:

1. Confirm support from your Educational Supervisor and TPD

2. Applications for our Chief Registrar posts are advertised in May each year

Current Chief Registrars

Dr Callum Mutch
Chief Registrar Digital (WGH)
Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Registrar
Rory Anderson
Chief Registrar (RHCYP)
Emergency Medicine Registrar
Sub Specialty Paediatric EM
Stuart Hamilton
Chief Registrar (SJH/RIE)
ST6 Emergency Medicine
Cat Holligan
Chief Registrar (REAS)
General Adult Psychiatry Registrar
Hussain Sarwar
Chief Registrar (WGH)
ST4 Clinical Oncology
Fraser Waterson
Chief Registrar (RIE/SJH)
ST7 Emergency Medicine and ICU
Carly Brewster
Chief Registrar (RIE)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Registrar

Chief Registrar Bios

Callum Mutch

Hello, my name is Callum. I’ve been working in South East Scotland since 2013 as a junior doctor, working in WGH, SJH, VHK and RIE. Currently I am training in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases; through which I interact with most other specialties both primary care and secondary. I feel this wide experience and interactions with a wide range of doctors in training within the health board gives me insight in the difficulties faced by those in training.

I am particularly interested in digital technology and how this can aid/hinder our daily work. Through this role as a Chief Registrar (Digital) I will be advocating on behalf of Doctors in Training about improving NHS lothian's digital set up and support. Some examples include Microsoft 365 licenses, contacting switchboard/directory and the new Right Decision Support software.

Outside of work I enjoy cycling, bouldering, squash and host an Infectious Diseases Podcast.

Please do get in touch if you have any issues or ideas for improvement.

Rory Anderson

Rory is currently an ST6 in Emergency Medicine with a sub-speciality training interest in paediatric emergency medicine. He moved to Edinburgh in 2013 after graduating from the University of Sheffield in 2013 with a degree in medicine. After completing foundation training he spent time volunteering for a medical NGO in Southern Zambia, then exploring career options through various clinical fellow posts before starting Emergency Medicine training in South East Scotland in 2018.

Through his training Rory has developed an interest in Emergency Medicine research, and has worked closely with the EMERGE research group, the Trainees’ Emergency Research Network and the EUSEM Research Network to deliver large research projects both within the region and across the UK. He has also been involved in using the WeCaRE rota improvement tool to help to create a higher quality training environment for doctors in training.

Rory is a keen cycling commuter, and spends his time away from work playing sport and attempting to entertain his three (very lively) kids!

Stuart Hamilton

Stuart is an ST6 in Emergency Medicine in South East Scotland and becomes one of this years chief registrars. Stuart is looking forward to continuing to develop his leadership skills while working to improve training for all DIT’s across Lothian

Stuart grew up in Fife before completing his undergraduate training in Aberdeen. He then moved to Edinburgh to complete foundation training before finding a passion for Emergency Medicine and patient safety. This led to an MSc in EM with a focus on the effect of human factors in ED staff education. 2 years ago Stuart complete a Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellowship between the Chief Medical Officer at the Scottish Government and Healthcare Improvement Scotland. Improving patient safety and delivering equitable personalised care are key to finding joy in work for Stuart.

 Outside of work Stuart can be found walking his dog or swimming.

Cat Holligan

My name is Cat and I am one of the Chief Registrars. I am an ST6 in General Adult Psychiatry currently working in Edinburgh Intensive Home Treatment Team. I am interested in the impacts of psychological trauma, its mental health sequelae, and treatment.

I first joined the MED family in 2019 and worked for two years as a Clinical Teaching Fellow. I have completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education and I am enthusiastic about medical education, in particular the application of Simulation Based Education in a psychiatric setting.  I am looking forward to returning to build on this experience.

I am motivated to better understand the needs of the NHS workforce, particularly the needs of doctors in training and exploring how best we can support well-being.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband Grant and our dog Kolbe. We love a good beach walk as well as spending time on and in the water paddle boarding or swimming at one of East Lothian’s glorious beaches or the many local reservoirs.

Hussain Sarwar

Hello Everyone,

I am Hussain, I am ST4 in Medical Oncology and moved to Edinburgh last year to start my Medical Oncology training from Yorkshire and Humber. I will be starting my role as Chief Registrar for Western General Hospital from August 2023.

I am an International Medical Graduate and did my medicine degree from Pakistan and then moved after my internship to United Kingdom in 2018. I have worked across Emergency and Acute Medicine as a Trust Grade in Ipswich Hospital for a period of 2 years. After this I joined IMT and did my IMT1 in Hull University Teaching Hospital followed by IMT2 in Leeds Teaching Hospitals. I left IMT then to take up Medical Oncology Training. Being an IMG and having worked across so many trusts I bring my positive experiences from all these trusts to the role. I have a special interest in improving experiences for International Medical Graduates across the board.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my son and love to try out new foods!

Fraser Waterson

Currently an ST7 in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine, Fraser came to medicine slightly later in life. Originally studying Pharmacology, he undertook an internship with Genzyme Corporation in Boston before making the decision to change pace for medicine. To fund his studies, he worked for G1 Group PLC as an operations and general manager in a variety of Glasgow’s infamous night life venues – the perfect preparation for a future in the ED…

Stemming from the west coast he completed his foundation training in Forth Valley before undertaking a Clinical Development Fellowship in Emergency Medicine and Obstetrics, where he got his first taste of QI and a chance to attend the Medical Leadership Academy. Fraser moved further east to Edinburgh in 2016, to take up run-through training in Emergency Medicine and enjoying experiences in both the ED and in ICU during his ACCS years he is now a dual trainee in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine here in South East Scotland.

Passionate about systems improvement, enhancing team performance, trainee representation, and work place well-being - he is looking forward to supporting doctors-in-training at NHS Lothian as a Chief Registrar. Having held regional trainee representative positions for foundation doctors and ACCS trainees, he now also represents EM and ICM dual trainees nationally for the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

In his spare time, he enjoys watching the rugby (still a Warriors fan), good food, good coffee and the (very) occasional hike up the hills!

Carly Brewster

My name is Carly and I am an ST5 in Obs and Gynae. I was a Chief Registrar from August to December 2022 and I have since been away on a lovely maternity leave! I am now back and I'm grateful to be able to return to my role of Chief Registrar and continue my projects. I have been mainly focusing on Women's wellbeing. I can hopefully attend the next chief registrars meeting to meet you all properly, hear about what everyone is up to and how I can help.

Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellows

Amanda Swan
Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow
Clinical Oncology Registrar
Jessica Boston
Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow
Opthalmology Registrar

Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow Bios

Amanda Swan

My name is Amanda and I am a Clinical Oncology Registrar in Edinburgh. I have just completed a year as Chief Registrar and I am taking a year out of programme to complete a Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellowship. I will be working with MED and Scottish Government Healthcare Workforce.

I am interested in improving working lives of doctors in training and staff retention. This year I will be expanding WeCaRe, continuing champion Trickle and focus on equality, equity, diversity and inclusion.

I have just moved house so garden and pond maintenance have become new hobbies!

Jess Bolton

I live in Glasgow and have just completed my third year of ophthalmology specialty training.

I am from Edinburgh and studied medicine at the University of St Andrews followed by the University of Glasgow where I stayed for my foundation years. I then moved to London and completed a Masters in Public Health for Eye Care at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. My dissertation reviewed the impact of NGO work on the delivery of eye care services in Moldova.

I then spent a year in a LAT post in ophthalmology at the Eye Pavilion in Edinburgh however was redeployed for the majority of this.

My hosts this year are NES and NHS Lothian. I have an interest in medical education and doctor wellbeing and look forward to the year ahead.