Cycling to work!

If you cycle to work, there are details in the transport section of each of the site pages on this website. Some of the shelters have codes/padlocks which can generally be obtained from the Security Offices on that particular site.

NHS Lothian run a Cycle to Work Scheme, but this is for staff with permanent contracts with NHS Lothian and as many of your contracts will be with NHS Education for Scotland, means you cannot join the in-house scheme.

However, there is good news, NES also offer a similar package for Doctors in Training to enable you to apply for a very similar scheme. The links for both schemes are shown below:


Heated Lockers

We will shortly be taking delivery of heated lockers in the Royal Infirmary, Western General and St John's for use by cyclists to have their clothes dried on a rainy day during their shift, meaning clothing will be dry by the end of your shift and ready for use.

Information will be sent out once we have received them and they have been installed.