Simulated emergency situations helps when it happens in real life

Foundation Year 2 Simulation Programme

NHS Lothian is immensely proud of the FY2 Simulation Programme launched in conjunction with the Foundation School for all FY2 doctors working within the South East Scotland. Launched in 2017, this programme is supported by the Director of Medical Education, the Postgraduate Dean and the Associate Postgraduate Dean for the Foundation Programme.

The programme is run as a single afternoon session over the Foundation Programme 2 year, and seeks to explore some of the more difficult but important non technical aspects of the profession. The programme is aligned to the FY2 curriculum and had been designed to respond to some of the difficult elements to evidence within the curriculum. The Foundation School advocates that all FY2 doctors should attend this programme and so sessions are in high demand.

Curriculum Mapped

The FY2 Simulation Programme has been mapped to explore some of the more difficult to address parts of your curriculum. It is also claimable as part of your hours of training requirement. This makes the programme a really important piece of your training experience as a doctor.

Once attended, simply print off your certificate from TUBS and add it to your portfolio.

Relevant and Really Helpful

We regularly check in with local FY2 doctors after participating in the programme and ask after how helpful it as in actual work. Responses have been overwhelming. This programme is really relevant and very helpful.

A Different Kind of Programme

This programme is far less about practicing CPR or managing critically ill patients. It actually explores some of the more complex and complicated communication based aspects of your role. There is very little other types of training like this one across your FY2 year.



Some of the charts and protocols that you should be familiar with for the simulation sessions.