To err is human

Datix as a learning tool

To err is human; to cover up is unforgivable; and to fail to learn is inexcusable – Sir Liam Donaldson

Adverse Events

Involvement in an adverse event is unfortunately something which will happen to all doctors during their working life at some point


Use of the Datix system facilitates personal and organisational learning

Patient Safety in Lothian

The Medical Education Directorate (MED) collates all Datixes that involve a trainee and reviews them in a timely manner


Feedback & support

Our Quality assurance team sends an email to the Named Educational Supervisor of a DiT who submits or is involved in a Datix. This is to provide support and facilitate learning. The email will be sent from


  • can the ES see the content/subject of the datix: NO

  • is it mandatory to meet: NO

  • is this scrutiny: NO - this is supposed to be supportive and to help guide a PDP