Trickle is an online forum giving space for Lothian doctors in training to voice their concerns, make suggestions for workplace improvements, and collaborate with each other and members of MED.

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Check out the useful induction information stored within Trickle and the lately on Trickle newsletter updates which contain huge amounts of useful information about working in Lothian.

An Overview of Trickle

A video highlighting the main features of the platform.


The Do's and Don't's of Trickle

Tips to make the most of Trickle

  • float ideas on workplace improvements/innovations that are in our sphere of influence to change

  • share examples of good practice/useful information between hospitals you think others would benefit from knowing

  • share concerns that are making your job harder

  • collaborate constructively, share and upvote issues - although the Trickle Champions will work on Trickles in a structured way anyone can respond to a Trickle post!

Things to avoid on Trickle

  • use the anonymity as an excuse to be rude/abusive to other members of staff - don't say things you wouldn't say in "real life"

  • use trickle to ask "how to" before searching intranet or asking the relevant HR/ IT team first

  • posting patient safety concerns or patient identifiable information - follow the advice given in the MED concerns page

  • using Trickle to vent about matters out with the organisation's control


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Trickle Documents

As a platform sharing information about work in NHS Lothian we have carefully considered the unintended consequences or inappropriate use