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Onboarding help from Trickle!

We get a lot of common questions on Trickle, that Doctors in Training in Lothian have helped solve for one another, or where there’s great information already available on the MED website or elsewhere online. We’ve compiled some of the most useful info, and related Trickles, for you to read before you start (or start again!) in NHS Lothian.

If you’d like to add anything, or find anything that is out of date please contact the MED team or email



Before you start

Some things to prepare for in the weeks before you start in NHS Lothian...

Who to contact about your rota (Departmental Rota Contacts (

What you can expect in terms of receiving rota information (Scottish Medical Training info) (Link to trickle)

Our NHS Lothian trainee compact, considering asking if your supervisor has seen this (Training Compact ( Look out for the updated version launching later in 2023!

Getting to work

Travelling to work is an important part of your first day, and every day!  
Here is some helpful information about parking, submitting travel claims and mileage entitlements: 

The situation with parking – and what permits some departments are entitled to:

How to submit your own travel claims Transport and Expenses and a helpful trickle post on mileage entitlements and calculations!

Having a better day at work

Some days are good, some days aren’t, but here are a few things you can try, to have more good!

Know where your mess/rest facilities, and catering options are:

Getting food at work – including vending machines - details are available on the site pages under Catering and Facilities tab. Over the coming months there will be some changes to these facilities at the Western General, St John's and the Royal Infirmary.

Active bystander sessions: New link to be updated when training dates confirmed

Speak up sessions: Speak Up (

Other methods to raise concerns (check out the new escalation poster): Escalating Concerns (

Making IT work for you

IT doesn’t always help us the way it maybe should, but lots of individuals in teams have found or want to find ways to make things work a wee bit better. Here are some top tips from this year:

Connecting to WIFI (Trickle Details | Trickle)

Turning off all in site emails (Trickle Details | Trickle)

Get involved in TRAK improvements (Trickle Details | Trickle)

Sunray cards (Trickle Details | Trickle)

Keeping your account active (Trickle Details | Trickle)

When you want to make things better

If you think something badly needs to change, or you just want to make an improvement in “the way things are done”, there are a few ways to engage and start a change:

Know who your reps are (Shout About Details | Trickle BMA REPS) (Trickle Details | Trickle FY Reps)

Access trickle (/team/nhs-lothian-dit)

Contact MED and the chief registrars (The MED Team (

Ask your department about WeCare (WeCaRE (

Getting home safely

We’ve compiled some parking and public transport info to help support people getting home this way after nightshifts. We have also tried to improve the provision in MED for post-night shift rest facilities, as has been discussed previously on Trickle.

Rest facilities and booking - Please see the Catering and Facilities tab on the Hospital pages for details of facilities available and how to book them on your site.

Parking/public transport - Please see the Transportation tab on the Hospital site pages.