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Staff Facilities

Drinking Water

Drinking Water is available from all cold water taps, hydro taps and from chilled drinking fountains located throughout the building. Please note individual rental of water chillers is not permitted.

Please do not drink from mixer tap outlets or hot water outlets.

Beverage Bays

Beverage Bays are located within the open plan office areas, Family Support, SPHERE and University of Edinburgh, Child Life and Health areas. They are equipped with a sink, hydro tap, fridge and cupboards. No additional electrical equipment is permitted.

Catering Facilities

All catering and retail services detailed below comply with the principles of a Health Promoting Health Service and meet the Healthy Living Award and Healthy Retail Award standards. Please ensure you support and promote the catering outlets in your new hospital, as with all non-patient catering within Lothian these outlets must operate on a financially viable basis otherwise hours of operation will be reduced or the outlet may be closed.


Opening times (when fully operational):
• 7:30am to 7:30pm, Monday to Friday
• 8am to 2pm, Saturday and Sunday

Currently the restaurant is open 8am to 2pm, Monday to Friday, however recruitment is in progress.
NB: times have been amended and will be regularly reviewed.

Situated on the 4th floor with seating for 76. The Restaurant has a south facing aspect and a terrace for those sunny days. The Restaurant is available for visitors, patient and staff use and will provide breakfast rolls, lunch and evening services.

Please note that this area is for paying customers and staff rooms or courtyards are available if you are bringing your own lunch.

Coffee bar

Opening times:
• 8:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday
• Closed Saturday and Sunday

Located on the 4th floor, within the Restaurant area. Available for visitors, patient and staff use, serving coffee, cakes, scones etc.


Opening hours:
• 24hr Service

Vending machines are located on the:
• 2nd floor, in the Vending Bay, providing hot and cold drinks, snacks and confectionery with limited seating
• Ground floor staff room next to the seminar room, providing snacks and confectionery

Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity Shop

Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (ECHC) Shop

Opening times:
• 7:30am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday
• 10am to 3:30pm, Saturday and Sunday

Located within the Atrium on the ground floor.

The shop provides a selection of healthy snacks, gifts, cards and a limited selection of groceries and toiletries and newspapers.

Staff Changing Facilities

Central Staff Changing Rooms

Male and female staff changing rooms are located on the east side of the second floor. Facilities include showers, toilets, hairdryers, mirrors and lockers. There are 4 types of lockers: handbag, standard, vented door and mesh. To operate the lockers, with the exception of the mesh lockers, insert £1 or token close the door and remove the key. To open insert and turn the key, £1 / token will be returned and the key retained. Mesh and vented door lockers are for use to assist with drying wet weather gear. Mesh lockers require the user to supply a padlock.

Lockers are to be used for the shift being worked, please be considerate to colleagues and clear the locker at the end of each shift. Please note padlocks may be removed (cut off) if staff fail to free up lockers at the end of each shift for use by other staff.


In addition to the lockers in the central staff changing rooms, a range of different sized lockers are provided within Department Staff Changing Rooms and a number of departments. For guidance on how to access departmental lockers, contact your line manager.

Department Staff Changing Rooms

Some departments have dedicated changing areas located within their service areas. These include: Catering, Emergency Department, Theatres and Imaging Departments.