Medicine of the Elderly / Stroke RIE

Welcome to your 5 week placement in Speciality Medicine of the Elderly and Stroke.

During your time on placement, you will have the following learning opportunities:

- Opportunity to see a wide variety of medical conditions with examination and history opportunities
- Improve your knowledge of complex medical problems, chronic conditions and acutely unwell patients (especially on evening and weekend shifts)
- Improve your communication skills by talking to patients with communication issues, e.g. deaf, delirium, dysphasia
- Improve your understanding of anticipatory care planning and end of life care planning, including conversation with patients and their families
- Improve your understanding of multidisciplinary team working (inpatient and links to the community)
- Improve your understanding of legal and ethical issues of medical care.

You will be an integrated team member with support to utilise the significant learning opportunities.

The wards you will be working on during this placement are: RIE wards 101, 201, 202 and 203 General MoE, and ward 104 Integrated Stroke Unit.

There will also be an opportunity to work at the East Lothian Community Hospital, Liberton Hospital, Orthogeriatrics or Stroke clinics.

First day arrangements

First morning of the placement - please wait outside your allocated ward from 9:15am where you will be collected by a member of your ward when the morning team meeting ends (approx 9:15am to 9:30am) and shown around the ward.

Introduction 2pm in room advised prior to arrival or on the day.

Induction information and timetable will be sent out in advance by email.

Any issues please contact MoE secretary Arlene Rowley (0131 242 6929).

Name badges

If this has not already been arranged by the university, please discuss with the MoE secretaries located between wards 102 and 103 (Arlene Rowley 0131 242 6929).

Absence reporting

In the event you are unable to attend your shift, please contact Dr Sheila Coutts, your consultant AND the medical school by email


Main contacts

The main contacts for this placement will be:

  • Dr Sheila Coutts - Site Lead Tutor / Consultant Physician in MoE, RIE -

  • Arlene Rowley - Admin assistant (RIE MoE) - 0131 242 6929 -

  • Your consultant tutor as advised on your welcome email.