Foundation Curriculum


Curriculum Updates for 2019/20

All Foundation doctors in Scotland follow the Foundation curriculum as detailed on the UKFPO website. You will be required to evidence that you have covered 100% of the curriculum. This will be formally assessed at ARCP in June. It is your responsibility to provide the evidence so choose carefully how you demonstrate coverage. There are mandatory assessments and evidence that will be assessed by your Foundation Programme Director (FPD). You should have received induction on how to access and complete your portfolio and your FPD and programme administrators can provide you with additional help. This document summarises the mandatory portfolio requirements to satisfy 100% curriculum coverage.

The requirements for satisfactory FY1 completion are:

  • Acceptance of conditions of taking up post.

  • Health/probity declaration.

  • Completion of the 15 core procedures at FY1.

  • Evidence of involvement in Quality Improvement (QI), including completion of the GMC (once a year) and Scottish trainee (end of each block) surveys.

  • Developing the Clinical Teacher: minimum of 1 per year. You will be able to capture this on the LEADER FORM which is new for this year.

  • TABs: Team Assessment of Behaviour (multi-source feedback): 2 satisfactory TABS per year, 1st and 2nd post. Range of assessors must include your Educational Supervisor. Full details are available on portfolio.

  • Recorded attendance at the Foundation delivered education programme. Minimum attendance is 30 hours of face-to-face deanery education programme. This will be recorded on Turas.

  • Additional teaching mandatory: You are required to evidence a further 30 hours of teaching attendance. This is from additional departmental/hospital educational activity. You should attend 30 hours of additional teaching on top of the 30 hours of attendance at the Delivered Education Programme. This should be recorded on Turas and will be evaluated at ARCP. This teaching excludes ALS and tasters.

  • Valid ILS certificate: This must be uploaded to your portfolio.

  • PSA (Prescribing Skills Assessment): You must download the certificate when you pass and then upload to your portfolio.

In each post/block you require to evidence:

  • Educational/Clinical Supervisor induction meeting report.

  • End of block Clinical and Educational Supervisor reports.

  • A range of supervised learning events (SLEs) signed off. This is the minimum requirement per block, but additional SLEs can be completed:

    • 1 DOPS: Direct Observation of Procedure. This may be replaced by an additional mini-Cex.

    • 2 mini-Cex: Clinical Evaluation Exercise.

    • 2 CBDs: Case-based Discussions.

There are 20 Capabilities in the Foundation Curriculum, with a variable number of Descriptors in each section. You will be required to map your learning to the curriculum and you are expected to demonstrate full curriculum coverage. This section of TURAS portfolio is currently being updated and further details will be provided. Supervisor reports and TABs are not regarded as suitable evidence for links.