Working together to deliver safe and effective overnight care

Hospital at Night at REH

This page summarises out of hours services for mental health patients.


Doctors on the REH rotas A&B provide cover for all in-patients at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and also those who are seen by the Mental Health Assessment Service (MHAS). These two doctors based in the hospital between 5pm and 9 pm. There is also a Rota C which covers RIE/RHCYP/ELCH/MCH. There is a guide to the rotas on the main induction page.

At the REH site, and also the Melville CAMHS Inpatient Unit at RIE, Hospital at Night functionality on TRAK is used for doctor-to-doctor handover. In time, we plan to expand this to all calls, though you will retain pagers for emergency calls. There is a guide for handover on the main induction page.