Our radiographers and radiologists are here to help guide imaging.


Our radiologists and radiographers are highly skilled, motivated and very friendly. They welcome discussion about the patient and the clinical concerns as they can frequently guide clinicians as to the most appropriate tests timings and advice regarding access.


When you move jobs within NHS Lothian and your location changes, you need to phone 85050 to have your location set to RHCYP. Otherwise, the requests you make will end up at your previous place of work!


Weekly Radiology Meetings

From week to week, the radiology team interacts with most of the specialty groups in the hospital. These can be excellent opportunities to learn about common (and not so common) conditions. Our radiologists love teaching, so if you have the opportunity, come along and see imaging in action.

Monday12:45pm to 1:34pmSurgical / Renal meetingCLH Seminar Room
Tuesday8:30am to 9:30amNeuro-oncology (PNOG)SPHERE
Wednesday12:30pm to 1pmA&E meetingCLH Seminar Room
Thursday12:30pm to 1:30pmMedical meetingCLH Seminar Room
1pm to 2pm (1st/3rd)RheumatologyRadiology Reporting Room
Friday8:30am to 9:30amOncology MDTLecture Theatre
Midday to 1pmNeurologyCLH Seminar Room