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On this MED page you'll find a range of useful information about referral pathways into secondary care, alongside details of educational events.



RefHelp is designed to help GPs, GDPs and other clinicians make the best possible referrals within Lothian. It is a platform that provides instant access to referral guidelines into secondary care in Lothian.

RefHelp is a useful resource for doctors in training both in primary and secondary care. It provides clear referral guidance for all secondary care specialties, alongside useful educational material.

Sitting at the interface between primary and secondary care, it aims to provide a platform for learning and sharing and improving knowledge, skills and practice of all clinicians. It provides evidence-based, high quality educational events that will benefit all users, including doctors in training.

On this page you'll find a range of useful information, including details of future events. For the referral guidelines follow the link above to the RefHelp website.

Welcome to Ref Help


REF Talks

RefHelp have a range of educational events including REF Talks. This is a brilliant webinar series providing clinical updates and essential information over a range of exciting topics. “ Previous webinar recordings can accessed via the Archive section on RefHelp.”

Useful Resources

RefHelp hosts useful resources such as guidance documents that are intended to support new referrers as a friendly and helpful reminder of points to consider while making a referral. To know more please see RefHelp’s Useful Resources section.


Ref Bites

These are short educational videos that are 5 to 10 minutes in duration packed with a variety of bitesize information on a variety of topics. More details please visit: