What happens after monitoring?


You should receive a copy of your rota monitoring results from your service team within 15 days of them being available.

We hope that by the end of the monitoring period the compliance team, service team and the doctors on the rota will all agree with the rota banding and New Deal compliance. If that is the case then all involved sign off the process at the post-monitoring meeting.

There are some situations where this might not happen:

  • Invalid set of monitoring (diary returns insufficient or incomplete)
  • Non-representative (trainees or service feel monitoring time period did not represent usual workload)
  • Non-compliant (work done does not fit with with banding and/or new deal compliance)

Local processes will then be put in to place to rectify the problem. These may include re-monitoring or rota redesign (and then monitoring).

If you feel that your rota is incorrectly banded or that your monitoring has not been accurately represented you should discuss this with your service team. If you are not satisfied by the actions taken please contact the ADME for your area. Details can be found here

Remember that your diary card is a legal document and by signing it off you are confirming the information contained within it is correct.


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