Rota Templates

Here you will find approved rota templates for each trainee rota within NHS Lothian.

Every trainee rota across NHS Lothian is based on a rota template. This is the foundation of the working rota and the base for monitoring every 6 months.

For some rolling rotas the template is obvious from looking at the working rota e.g. Emergency Medicine. For the majority of rotas the working rota will look different to the template as annual leave requests etc are added in. Your working rota should however maintain the structure of the template, adhering to all working time guidance.

The rota template hours will be based on a defined number of whole time equivalent (WTE) trainees. The Compliance team run the template calculations based on the number of WTE trainees they are told are in post. Small variations in WTE usually won't alter the banding of the post.

If, once you have read the information available here, you feel the template for your post is incorrect, please contact your service rota lead. If after this you have ongoing concerns please contact your ADME.