Point of Care Ultrasound is a core component of the EM curriculum. RCEM has a well established governance process. All trainees are expected to be sign off with 'Level 1' accreditation by the time they complete their training although it is encouraged that trainees reach this level of competency as early as possible in their training.

With 'Level 1' accreditation Emergency Physicians have the expertise required in point of care ultrasound scanning within the following domains: vascular access, FAST or focused assessment with sonography in trauma, AAA assessment and focused echo in life support.


EM POCUS training pathway

Trainees are required to attend a Level 1 USS course. Following this they gain experience in the workplace through involvement with simulated patients, supervised practice with a EM 'Level 1' accredited clinician and unsupervised, non contributory training scans. Following this they are assessed locally or at an approved finishing school before final sign off by the regional lead for USS in EM. Further details can be found in the attached RCEM guide.