Site Information


Cancer Assessment Unit

This unit receives patients for emergency assessment and admission. The dedicated triage team take calls from the Cancer Treatment Helpline, accepting admission of patients with complaints relating to cancer and cancer treatment.

There are two junior doctor shifts here daily (0830-1730 and 1400-2200) reviewing and clerking both oncology and haematology patients as they arrive with support from the on call oncology registrar.


Inpatient Wards

Ward 3 - Inpatients, including direct elective admissions for inpatient chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Site of our Teenage and Young Adult unit (up to 24 years old).

Ward 6 - Oncology inpatients shared with breast surgical team

Wards 11 and 15 - Oncology inpatients

Ward 71 - Inpatient haematology and bone marrow transplantation, with frequent oncology boarders