Obstetrics and Gynaecology RIE

Welcome to your 6 week placement on Obs and Gynae. During your time on placement you will have the following learning opportunities:

- Antenatal clinics
- inpatient obstetric ward rounds to learn about antenatal and postnatal care
- labour ward, birth centre, obstetric theatres to learn about labour and see deliveries
- gynaecology clinics and theatres
- subfertility and reproductive medicine and much, much more!

The wards you will be working on during this placement at RIE:
Ward 119 - antenatal and postnatal
Ward 211 - postnatal
Ward 210 - gynaecology

First day arrangements

On your first morning at 8:30am you will be met by Dr Laurie (or Townsend or Dundas) in the teaching room opposite ward 211, 2nd floor of the Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health.

If there are any problems email Dean.ainscough@ed.ac.uk.

You should watch the introduction video on LEARN and download your individual timetable prior to arriving.

You will have a brief introduction and guided tour of the relevant Obs & Gynae areas at RIE.

You will have a named tutor on your timetable and this tutor should meet you weekly.

Absence reporting

In the event you are unable to attend your shift, please contact Dean Ainscough on dean.ainscough@ed.ac.uk, and also your individual tutor.


Main placement contacts

The main contacts for this placement are:

  • Dr Townsend - rosemary.townsend@ed.ac.uk - Local Module Lead

  • Dr Laurie - jacqui.s.laurie@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk - Local Module Lead

  • Dr Dundas - kirsty.dundas@ed.ac.uk - Module Organiser

  • Mr Ainscough - dean.ainscough@ed.ac.uk - Module Administrator