Paediatric Endocrinology/Diabetes and Rheumatology RHCYP

Welcome to your week placement in Speciality Paediatric Endocrinology / Diabetes and Rheumatology.

These disciplines are predominantly outpatient specialities. Most of your clinical experience and learning will be in attending outpatient clinics. Listed below is an extensive clinic schedule. Please liaise with the registrars to help plan your week as clinic dates change depending on the week.

If there are inpatients, they will be seen on morning ward rounds. We would also recommend shadowing the inpatient registrar for acute admissions and the diabetic nurse specialists and dieticians when they counsel families.

Learning opportunities are also available in shadowing the specialist nurses in Direlton (day case) who undertake specialist investigations. There are also opportunities to shadow the rheumatology MDT team, including PT and OT sessions.


App information

There is a diabetes app which is free to download from the App store and Google Place store: Healthzone UK; select RHCYP Diabetes.

This is an invaluable app which we use clinically and advise all families to use to help in their management of diabetes and education.


Clinical timetable

First day arrangements

Monday 9am, Area 2, Clinical Staff Offices, 2nd Floor, RHCYP. The endo/diabetes and rheum team are round the corner, on the far left hand side by the printing room.

Ask for the registrar or page #9187, (dial 77001 and follow instructions).

There are no lockers, but you can leave your bags in the trainee drawer. You are more than welcome to leave food in the fridges.

Absence reporting

In the event you are unable to attend your shift, please contact Marion Henderson (secretary) on 0131 312 0443.

Main Contacts

The main contacts for this placement will be the Registrars - currently Cesca and Chris (#9187) - but this will change on a 6-monthly basis.


Team members

  • Endocrine/Diabetes Consultants and Associate Specialists - Louise Bath, Daniele Elleri, Sarah Kiff, Harriet Miles, Tarini Chetty, Rod Mitchell, Kathryn Noyes

  • Diabetes Nurse Specialists - Elaine Hogg, Anna Freeden, Morag McDonald, Cheryl Payne, Russell Hall, Jane Doyle, Angela Archibald

  • Diabetes Dieticians - Cat Tulloch, Leigh Owens, Bethany Cairns

  • Endocrine Nurse Specialists - Jen Roach, Kirstie Paterson

  • Rheumatology Consultants - Mary Brennan, Cat Anderson

  • Rheumatology Nurse Specialists - Imogen Kelly, Vanessa Raimondo

  • Rheumatology PT - Jenny Hagger

  • Rheumatology OT - Lauren Henderson