Acute Medicine WGH

Welcome to your 2 week Acute Medicine block at the Western General Hospital.

During your time on placement, you will have the following learning opportunities:
Shifts in Trolleys, Medical Admissions Unit (MAU) and Ward 72.

First day arrangements

Please attend in scrubs and be prepared.

If on a Trolley shift, present to MAU Doctors room and introduce yourself. One of the medical team will take you though to the trolley assessment area.

If on an MAU shift, present to the Doctors room.

If on a ward 72 shift, present to the medical team in the doctors room on the ward.

Absence reporting

In the event you are unable to attend your shift, please contact Kelly Black on 0131 537 1728 or contact the ward area you are due to attend directly (please refer to the contact numbers below).

Please do not leave a message if nobody answers, as we cannot ensure this will be picked up. Also ensure you email in addition to phoning.


Main contacts

  • Matthew King - - 0131 537 3138

  • Kelly Black - 0131 537 1728

  • MAU doctors room - 0131 537 1120 (ask for an FY1 doctor)

  • Ward 72 - 0131 537 9072 (ask for an FY1 doctor on the medical team)

  • Trolleys - 0131 537 1334 (ask for a member of the medical staff)