Reflection is a key component of clinical practice. However, the recent case of Dr Bawa-Garba has raised several questions about reflective practice.


Message from Tracey Gilles

Dr Tracey Gillies, NHS Lothian Medical Director, sent the following letters regarding the Dr Bawa-Garba case in February 2018:
  • Letter to All Trained Doctors (login)
  • Letter to All Doctors in Training (login)


Further information on the Dr Bawa-Garba case and information about reflective practice:
  • GMC Factsheet: Dr Bawa-Garba's Case (login)

Joint Statement to Support Reflective Practitioners - NACT Council

A joint statement from the GMC, along with eight other healthcare regulators on the importance and benefits of being a reflective practitioner. They have worked together to develop the statement, which sets out each organisations’ requirements for reflection. It also offers advice for practitioners on how to approach reflection effectively, both as individuals and as part of teams.