Who needs to know, and when?

The initial decision regarding when to inform work about your pregnancy is a personal one. The first trimester can be hard for some expectant mothers and it is completely normal for symptoms to range from incredible fatigue to nausea to none at all. There is no requirement to tell work before you feel ready. Some parents choose to wait until after their 12 week or indeed 20 week scan, others are happy to inform their relevant supervisors much earlier.

Legally, you are expected to formally inform your employer at least 15 weeks before the beginning of the week the baby is due. Within NHS Lothian, this is done by reaching out firstly to your line manager (usually either be your Educational Supervisor or your Training Program Director) and secondly to the HR team responsible for Maternity Leave and Secondments. They are contactable via email: HR.MaternityLeave&Secondment@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

The secondments team need to be sent a filled NHS Maternity Form (as can be found at the end of NHS Lothian's Maternity Leave policy, see below for access to intranet link). You should discuss with your Line Manager regarding the completion of this form as you preliminarily pencil in return to work dates, though these don't have to be strictly adhered to at this stage. In addition to this, secondments also require a scanned copy of your MAT B1 Form, which is a "Proof of Pregnancy" document you should receive from your midwife around the 20th week of pregnancy.

Rota Coordinator

There is no mandatory point at which to do this. Many people will do so after their booking scan, however, some people may require time off or amended duties sooner, for example if they experience hyperemesis or fatigue. You may need to liaise with them to attend antenatal appointments, antenatal classes and/or if you need to alter or drop on call commitments.

Educational/Clinical Supervisor

You may wish to discuss with your supervisor to plan how to manage your training prior to maternity leave (for example, if a particular aspect of your job may be inappropriate to continue or how to amend duties in a way which counts towards your training). It will likely be your ES/CS who completes your Risk Assessment with regards to your current work place. You will not have an ARCP while on maternity leave, but you may wish to have one before you go on leave, or have one after return to work that you need to plan for.

You may also wish to plan your KIT days with your supervisor before your maternity leave. Do not worry if your plans then change while you are on leave!


Again, there is no fixed point to do this, however, they will need to know of your plans regarding maternity leave and return so that they can plan your ongoing rotations.