Making sure

ID Badges

It's vital that everyone working at the hospital has an appropriate ID. Your badge should be worn at all times and you should wear an appropriately coloured lanyard to identify your grade.


ID badges can be obtained from reception in the new Royal Edinburgh Building. ID badge forms will be provided by Stacey Knox, Medical Education Coordinator at Induction. Please note that both ID badges and Access Passes can be obtained on Wednesdays between 12pm and 2pm. Staff must present photographic identification when applying for a badge. It is advisable to contact the reception team on 0131 286 8137 prior to attending to ensure there is adequate staffing levels within the reception team to allow badges to be taken.

Please note that the junior Doctors on the REH/RIE rota will also need to obtain an ID Badge (swipe card) from the RIE as they require this to gain access to the wards when on call. Time is factored into Induction for badges to be obtained.



  • RIE Application Form (login)
  • NHS Lothian ID Pass Application Form (login)