Getting it right for every child

Referral and Admission

Sick Kids looks after a huge variety of patients. From hours old to rugby-playing mountains. We look after first-presentation trauma patients and patients with complicated stories and repeated admissions. Getting referral and admission right is important.


Up to the age of 14

Situations that bend the rules:

  • children are known to the hospital
  • children with complex needs
  • those still in schooling
  • those with rare conditions
  • those with chronic disease

Dual team care

Many of our patients have complex needs and require multiple medical team involvement. Fortunately, the multidisciplinary team who work in RHSC are dedicated, supportive and caring.

Requesting a review

  • Minimum standard is middle grade to middle grade.
  • There should also be a consultant to consultant discussion about these patients prior to review.
  • Any formal agreement to transfer care must then be formally agreed.
  • Crucially, the parents of the child must always know who is looking after their child and why.

Named consultant

Each child must always have a primary named consultant who is identified to the wider team and within the notes. If the patient transfers from one specialty to another then a formal agreement must be made between the responsible consultants and documented within the notes.